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Welcome to Real American Heroes Coffee

Our story began in early 2018, when the three of us were deployed overseas together. David Martin, Todd Martin and Gabe Ulibarri are all U.S. Air Force Reservists who are stationed in Phoenix, Arizona. While overseas, we would meet up at a makeshift coffee shack or at the Fire Station and make it a ritual to have a cup of coffee and tell stories of REAL AMERICAN HEROES. The smell of coffee in the morning would get our day going and it gave us an idea, an idea of sharing stories of exceptional service from Real American Heroes and serving great tasting freshly roasted coffee. Having an absolute passion for what we do and the people we serve along side on a daily basis. We wanted to share stories of our travels, the people we've met and all the amazing and inspiring stories we've heard from them. Thus making REAL AMERICAN HEROES a reality! 

We wanted to create a brand around our passion for coffee and find a way to highlight these Real American Heroes and the service they do daily, the actions they took to save another, or months they spent in a war zone away from their families.


Coffee for our Heroes

We are proud to say we have served together in deployed locations in the middle east, manned weapon systems as combat convoy gunners while defending off IED’s, small arms fire, and Vehicle Borne IED’s. We have saved the lives of lost hikers in the forest as Search & Rescue members, driven in the President’s motorcade, responded to worldwide humanitarian disasters, fought raging house fires, responded to downed military aircraft, and volunteered at homeless shelters on Christmas in Korea and in Japan. You can probably imagine, we have heard some amazing stories from the people we interacted with and would share these stories with others over coffee. Coffee was our story time and time to reflect on important things. That’s when RAH Coffee Co. was born.

Honoring our Heroes

Making this passion a realization started in December 2018 and has since been an honorable journey in itself. From helping homeless veterans on Christmas Eve to running in recognition and memory of Pat Tillman, during the 2019 Pats Run, our brand is becoming recognizable and well respected. Our Mission is easy yet respectable to "recognize the everyday HERO", and it has just begun. We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with the largest coffee roaster in Arizona to create 6 specialty blends for the everyday HERO. Therefore, our goal is to share our military experiences, discipline, and drive to create a respectable brand that provides our customers with not only six great tasting Coffee blends, Apparel, and the honor of being part of an amazing culture but a brand that Recognizes the Everyday HERO.
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